How to whitelist your E-Mail IP in MessageLabs or

Last Updated on 26th January 2021.

To create a approved sender list on MessageLabs or for whitelisting IPs or domains then please follow this article.

If you use global, group, or user lists, or a combination of these, you must enable approved senders lists as a detection method.

Note: Group Settings and User Settings are not available by default. Contact Symantec.Cloud or MessageLabs Support team to be provisioned with this facility.

To add and enable global Approved Sender list: 

  1. Select Services > Email Services > Anti-Spam.
  2. Click the Detection Settings tab

  3. In the Approved Senders area, select the appropriate checkbox to enable the approved senders list.

  4. The selection depends on which type of listed senders are allowed to bypass the scan: only IP addresses, only domain names and email addresses, or all types of sender (select both boxes).

  5. Click Save and Exit.
    A confirmation of the setting is displayed.

This new policy will allow any inbound mail flow originating from IPs or domains to reach your users. See this document for a detailed guide from Symantec.Cloud Anti-Spam System Administration Guide.

For additional information or assistance with your whitelisting, contact CSpace Hostings support team.

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