How to whitelist your E-Mail IP in McAfee/MX Logic

How to whitelist in McAfee/MX Logic

If your client company is using McAfee or MX Logic, you will need to whitelist CSpace Hosting's IPs as "Allowed Senders" to allow your e-mails to go through to your end users. You can also whitelist by our mail server domains in this area, although we recommend IP in most cases.

You can modify your policy-level Allowed Senders list by following the steps below. This new policy will allow any inbound mail flow originating from those three IP addresses to bypass the spam and content filters in McAfee/MX Logic. 

Step 1) Login to the Control Console. Select the Email Protection tab, and then the Policies tab.

Step 2) Highlight the inbound policy you wish to change and click Edit.

Step 3) Click the Allow/Deny tab, then add our IP addresses to the Add Address box:

  • Your Hosting IP (Can be checked with Ping to your Domain Name)

Step 4) Enable the checkbox for Bypass attachment policy if you plan on sending phishing tests with attachments on them. (Recommended)

Step 5) Click Add.

Step 6) Click Save. There may be a 20-minute delay for the changes to take place.

For additional information or assistance with your whitelisting, contact CSpace Hostings support team.

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