Sync SmarterMail with iCal/Calendar on iMac using CalDAV

This knowledge-base article has two parts:


Setting up CalDAV for iCal (Calendar)

Follow these steps to set up Calendar syncing through CalDAV:

  1. Open the Calendar (
  2. Click on Calendar Menu(top left) -> Add Account -> Other CalDAV Account -> Continue

    Calender Provider
  3. Change Account Type to Advanced from Automatic.

    Adding CalDav Account
  4. Please enter your Full Email Address and your Password for this Email Address
    Server Address for (CSpace Hostings Enterprise Emails) is (or ask your provider)
    Server Path for (CSpace Hostings Enterprise Emails) is /WebDAV/ (or ask your provider)
    Since we are using SSL the port is 443 (Tick Use SSL)
  5. Click Sign in and your Calendar should appear along with the other calendars.


Change CalDAV Sync frequency for iCal (Calendar)

By Default the Sync Frequency with Web Mail Server is 15 minutes. But incase you want to change this frequency:

  1. Click on Calender Menu (top left) -> Preferences -> Accounts -> Select the CalDav Calender from the left Servers -> Account Information -> Refresh Calendars to the frequency you need.

    Modify Sync Frequency


Should you need further assistance please raise a ticket with Support Department.


~ CSpace Hostings



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