How to Reinstall or Install Operating System from ISO in SolusVM Panel?

This article will help you reinstall your Cloud VPS with Custom or OS ISO.

1.) Login to SolusVM Cloud VPS Panel

2.) Select the Cloud VPS you wish to reinstall by clicking Manage in that line.

3) Once you are on the Cloud VPS Management Page. Click on CDROM -> Select the ISO you wish to Install -> Mount


4.) Once you Mount the ISO you will receive the confirmation of success. DO NOT REBOOT AT THIS STAGE

5.) Click on Settings Tab. Change the Boot Order to (1) CDROM (2) Hard Disk

SolusVM Boot Order

6.) Once you receive confirmation message that settings have been saved. You can now click Reboot. It will ask for your confirmation to reboot click yes.

Reboot Post Settings Saved

7.) Once the Cloud VPS has been rebooted. Click on VNC -> HTML5 VNC Client SSL to proceed with the Installation and view OS GUI/Console.

8.) Once Installation is complete please unmount the ISO from CDROM tab as seen per Step 4 above. To make changes live you will have to click on Reboot option as per Step 6.



If the CDROM continues to boot without OS, then Please change boot order as per Step 5 to (1) HardDisk (2) CDROM. To make changes live you will have to click on Reboot Option as per Step 6.


Note: Reinstalling erases all your VPS data, make sure you have backups before reinstalling.

If you need a different Operating System than the one listed above or you need a custom ISO Installation options. Please contact our Support Team and we will be happy to help you.

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