Operating System Matrix for End of Support (EOS) and End of Life (EOL)

To summarize all the Operating System we distribute with our Services, here is the information necessary for Infrastructure Migration and Consolidation when planning ahead.

The End of Life (EOL), End of Support (EOS) and Extended Security Maintenance (ESM) is compiled for Ubuntu LTS, Debian LTS and CentOS in Linux variant.

The Information for Windows Server support varies on the Organization Licensing and Support Packages.

Linux Operating System

Operating System End of Support (EOS) or Full Updates
End of Life (EOL) Extended Security Maintenance Updates (ESM)
Ubuntu LTS [Source]
Ubuntu 20.04.x April 2025 TBA  
Ubuntu 18.04.x April 2023 April 2028 April 2028
Ubuntu 16.04.x April 2021 April 2024 April 2024
Ubuntu 14.04.x April 2019 April 2022 April 2022
Ubuntu 12.04.x End of Life
Debian LTS [Source]
Debian 8 30th June 2020 30th June 2022
Debian 9 ~2022 Not eligible/Not Announced
Debian 10 ~2022 Not eligible/Not Announced
CentOS [Source]
CentOS 6 10th May 2017 30th November 2020
CentOS 7 Q4 2020 30th June 2024
CentOS 8 May 2024 31st May 2029

~ CSpace Hostings / https://cspacehostings.com



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