Troubleshooting Network Issues with Looking-Glass

CSpace Hostings offers its own Looking Glass at The Looking glass is a utility connected to CSpace Hostings router to troubleshoot network routing problems in real-time.

Since we are providing high quality Content Delivery Network, low latency is a result of a well optimized network. We operate the AS208367 Network and our Looking Glass looks like the image below:

The CSpace Hostings looking glass support following queries:

  • Traceroute: The Traceroutes will help identify transit problems where packet is being delayed due to connection or router problems from our router to the destination IP/node. A traceroute report shows the path of the data packet to reach its destination. The following are some indicators of problems in the traceroute in you connection:
    • Timeouts
    • * (asterisk) symbols
  • Ping: The ping would determine if your IP or node IP entered is operation and would measure the average response time for the return query. 
    • A reply/response would mean the server or IP destination is online and reachable. 
    • While a timeout would mean the destination IP/server is not reachable.
  • BGP: also known as Border Gateway Protocol. This is a dynamic internet protocol used to exchange information between autonomous systems also known as (AS). The BGP would query would give a output how different AS talk to reach the destination network. It would display the best (quickest or lowest latency routes) to reach the destination IP. The command would display the current active route as well as alternate routes available.
  • BGP Graph: as the name suggests it is a visual representation of the query BGP how router AS exchange information to other AS on the internet to reach the destination. The Graph also display other alternate routes available for the router to chose from. The BGP graph uses GraphViz toolkit to display the output. The visual graph would show the current active route as well as other available routes.

When do I use a Looking Glass?

  • If you're experiencing slowness.
  • If your games are lagging when playing online
  • if your website is not reachable.

How can I use the Looking Glass effectively:

  • If you are experiencing slowness. Please run the Traceroute command with the IPv4 of your Computer/destination IP.
  • If your website or server is down. Please run ping to check if the server or destination IP is reachable
  • If your game is lagging it is good to use the BGP command to check if alternate routes are available than the best selected.

Please save the output of the results into a (.txt) text file and send it to the support department as a attachment. This will help them troubleshoot the network problems efficiently.


The looking glass used by us is powered by (PHP) and (PERL-CGI)

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