What is Colocation Hosting?

What is Colocation Hosting?

Colocation hosting is much similar to dedicated hosting, with one major exception.
In a dedicated hosting, the customers rent servers as well as the infrastructure such as Internet Transit or Internet access to connect, Power Distribution Units (PDU) needed to connect power adapters and needed to house and maintain them.

Whereas in colocation hosting, companies own their own hardware, but are want them to secure by renting server space in a datacentre, which provides benefits like scalable Internet bandwidth, optimized server cooling systems and climate control, and a N+1 type reliable power with UPS backup.

What are the benefits of Colocation?
- Scalable bandwidth: Since all major carriers and bandwidth providers are present in the datacenter you have unlimited bandwidth scalability options with n*10Gb/s.
- Multiple power sources in additional to the regular power, such as UPS and Diesel Generator backups
- Multiple Fibre entry to the datacentre for continuous connectivity
- Compliance: Datacentres have been certified based on Physical and resource security with industry standard certification for uptime and reliability i.e: Tier III. Whereas Security compliances such as PCI-DSS and ISO27001 for security.
- 24/7 On-Premises Monitoring to keep your equipment safe and control visitors who have access to the datacentre.
- They are Natural Disaster Safe locations, located away from the city and Earthquake zones.
- Saves the hassles to manage servers in office premises with risk and unknown hazards.
- Cost and Resource optimization with colocation to maintain your physical infrastructure while you can focus on development and business.

If you want to co-locate your servers in Estonia, India, Netherlands, Sweden, or USA make sure you speak to one of CSpace Hostings Sales representative to learn more to optimize with Colocation for efficient deployment and savings.

~ CSpace Hostings / https://cspacehostings.com

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