Discounts for Non-Profit, Open Source and Students

Open Source

At CSpace Hostings we rely on open source software to run our global infrastructure.

We’d love to give back to the open source community offering free capacity to open source projects.

If you want us to host a mirror let us know, we would be happy to provide Mirror for your Open Source Projects in EU or USA region reach us at noc [at] cspacehostings [dot] com


Nonprofit Organizations

We’re happy to offer a 50% discount to registered non-profit organizations throughout the globe.

Furthermore, we strongly oppose internet censorship and wish to support online freedom of expression. We are happy to provide free services and assistance to non-profit organizations that work in this field.

If you feel you are been oppressed and a victim of host-bully you can contact us sales [at] cspacehostings [dot] com


Students and University Discount

We collaborate with ISIC and Estonian Student association. We offer upto 40% discount to ISIC, ITIC,IYTC and Estonian Student Card holders or any eligible university students.

For Students discount please enter the specific coupon code presented at the ISIC Websites and Enter your ISIC Card Number during order for Discount validation.

If you need assistance for ordering with Student Discount contact sales [at] cspacehostings [dot] com


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